Jesko redefines ‘precision’ thanks to an additional active Triplex damper added to the front suspension and a new rear-wheel steering system. The Triplex system was first introduced in the Koenigsegg Agera in 2010. It used a third, horizontal damper built into the rear suspension to counter the car’s tendency to ‘squat’ during hard acceleration with over 1000hp.

As Jesko comes equipped with an aerodynamics package providing over 1000kg of downforce, an additional Triplex damper has been incorporated into the front suspension to maintain an optimal ride height during high aerodynamic load without compromising grip at lower speeds. Both the front and the rear triplex dampers now incorporate active bump and rebound damping.

Koenigsegg has equipped Jesko with an adaptive, active rear steering system that increases responsiveness and heightens the senses at both high and low speeds. Using inputs such as individual wheel speed, steering angle, steering wheel angular velocity, engine speed, lateral acceleration, longitudinal acceleration and other parameters, the steering system can turn the rear wheels up to three degrees in either direction for quicker cornering, increased agility and stability.

Jesko’s new optional carbon fibre wheels are the lightest and strongest production wheels of their size. Larger than the Agera RS wheels they replace, the front weighs just 5.9kg (20” x 9.5”) and the rear 7.4kg (21” x 12”).